Volume #6 – Your Stories (Vos histoires)

Photo (Your Stories, Northlander)

Comment l’annulation du Northlander vous a impacté?

Name / Nom: Josee
Comments / Commentaires: I’ve only moved to Northeastern Ontario in 2016 and the lack of public transportation has made it near impossible for family and friends to visit. Some live in Ottawa/Montreal, some friends are abroad. When they tell me they’re coming to visit me, they are stunned that there aren’t many options to get here. The bus takes forever because of the stops and the transfers, the train is non existant, the plane is pricy, and so they are left with the option of renting a car to come visit. People in Northern Ontario have gotten use to the idea of owning a personal vehicle to get around, but many people in the cities, and especially people living abroad, do not always a personal vehicle they can use to get here.

I wonder how many potential tourists cancel their plans of coming to Northern Ontario because of the transportation issue?

For ourselves, we would love to take the train from our area to get to major airports (Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto).

Name / Nom: Michael McCallum
Comments / Commentaires: I have a hip disability and always found the train to be a much more comfortable and enjoyable trip. I would use it again as I do not drive anymore and make several trips to Toronto per year from Kirkland Lake. Good Luck with this!!


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