Le Nord de l’Ontario : plus isolé que jamais

Une lettre ouverte à l'équipe de gestion et du service à la clientèle de VIA Rail CanadaJe vous fais parvenir mes commentaires entourant l’absence de certaines fréquences de vos trains dans le Nord de l’Ontario et du besoin de les remettre en service immédiatement. Au cours de la dernière année et demie, des voyageurs comme … Continue reading Le Nord de l’Ontario : plus isolé que jamais

VIA’s Canadian remains reliably unreliable

For the first time in 15 months, a passenger train provided service to Northern communities situated between Winnipeg and Toronto. The Canadian, one of only three intercity passenger trains active in the region, made its first run through remote sections of Northern Ontario since the beginning of the pandemic. Unfortunately, old habits die hard when … Continue reading VIA’s Canadian remains reliably unreliable

Anti-rail report flawed and counterproductive

The Northern Policy Institute (NPI) recently published a report titled "The Thin Case for Passenger Rail in Ontario's Northern Regions" which has left me in a state a profound dismay and disappointment. It contains some very misleading information and does little to improve sustainable transportation options desired by Northerners. The document in question attempts to … Continue reading Anti-rail report flawed and counterproductive