VIA’s Canadian remains reliably unreliable

[ The Canadian nearing Washago ]

For the first time in 15 months, a passenger train provided service to Northern communities situated between Winnipeg and Toronto. The Canadian, one of only three intercity passenger trains active in the region, made its first run through remote sections of Northern Ontario since the beginning of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard when it comes to this train’s ability to keep a schedule. The Canadian has an awful track record of not showing up when it is supposed to — partially due to the number of freight trains operating on this route.

VIA Rail’s flagship train was 44 minutes late arriving in Sioux Lookout and 53 minutes delayed into Longlac. After making up some time between Hornepayne and Capreol, the Canadian ended up four hours behind schedule at Parry Sound, five at Washago before finally concluding its journey at Union Station in Toronto.

There have been 434 days that have elapsed since this train last operated in 2020 and unsurprisingly, nothing has changed in terms of the Canadian’s on time performance. Northerners are still left wondering whether VIA Rail will pick them up and drop them off as planned.

In addition, there has been no word as to when the second regularly scheduled train will return to service this remote part of the province.

Love the way indeed…

[ Washago VIA Station signpost ]
Redditt02:2903:0627 minutes late
Sioux Lookout06:01
44 minutes late arriving
8 minutes late departing
Armstrong10:5711:2629 minutes late
Longlac14:1115:0453 minutes late
20 minutes early arriving
10 minutes late departing
Foleyet22:2722:0225 minutes early
1 hour, 12 minutes early arriving
5 minute early departing
Sudbury Junction04:4904:445 minutes early
Parry Sound08:4212:403 hours, 58 minutes late
Washago10:5915:534 hours, 54 minutes late
Toronto14:2918:334 hours, 4 minutes late arriving
Source : VIA Rail Canada
Train #2 (May 17 – May 21, 2021)

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